Investigating seafarer training needs for operating autonomous ships

Laufzeit: 2019-05-01 - 2020-05-31   Status: abgeschlossen
Förderung: International Association of Maritime Universities - Fördersumme: 5.270 Euro Organisationseinheit: Seefahrt & Logistik
Querschnittsthema: Maritime Wirtschaft & Technik
This research will conduct an extensive investigation to identify the education and training requirements for seafarers who will operate the autonomous ships in the near future. The findings of this research will provide guidelines and a recommendatory framework which can be used by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the maritime regulators to revise training needs towards mentoring seafarers and equipping them with the expertise required. Therefore, the objectives of this research are as follows:
• Training:
- Defining education and training needs, including prerequisites of trainees for future autonomous ship operators
• Resources
- Trainers: Defining minimum qualification requirements to perform as a trainer
- Facilities: Identifying facilities' required to conduct future maritime education and training (MET) programs
• Regulatory framework:
- Identifying the gaps between current regulations and what is needed in future.
This research project is composed of the following three (3) component project and expects the Contractor's full understanding as to the international cooperation among IAMU members to be developed, and requirement for the common good presentation of data and information obtained through research activities under this contract. The results obtained are to be shared by all IAMU members.